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How to Become a Business Lawyer?

How to Become a Business Lawyer?

What Does a Business Lawyer Do?A business lawyer is a person who handles legal cases with business issues. Some business lawyers are in the line of work of real estate, creating LLCs, and also settling & negotiating business agreements between two parties.  To...

How Much Does a Business Lawyer Cost?

How Much Does a Business Lawyer Cost?

A business lawyer can cost anywhere from $150 to $350 per hour based on the location and experience. An independent junior lawyer will cost less than a senior lawyer. Senior lawyers from big law firms can charge up to $1,000 per hour! A lawyer located in New York, San...

Real Estate Lawyer Services

Our lawyers provide the best advice and service in the real estate niche. Palm Springs Business Lawyers finds clients free consultation from real estate lawyers at no cost to solve their problems. A lot of lawyers might charge a fee for the first consultation. We provide a service that bypasses those fees.

Clients are not charged anything by Palm Springs Business Lawyers for wanting a free consulatation with a Palm Springs real estate lawyer.

Residential & Commercial Transactions

We help clients through a number of issues related to residental and commercial transactions. Some examples are reviewing contracts and adjust it to your benefit. We make sure you understand the ins and outs of your contract so you are fully in the know. 

Our mission is to protect your rights along with different types of contingencies. Such as, mortage, home sale, due dillgience, and property inspection contingencies. 

Landlord Disputes

If you or someone you know is going through a dispute with a difficult landlord, fear no more, we’re here to help!

We ensure that our clients are put in touch with real estate lawyers that have won cases aganist unjust landlords. Tenants who consult with real estate lawyers will be informed on their rights, and the best way to settle a dispute aganist a landlord, either for housing discrimnation, property is unhabitable, or illegally entering tenant’s home. 


Estate Planning

Interested in planning where your assets will go when you pass? You will be helped every step of the way in drafting a will, fund, or trusts to ensure that your loved ones receive the assets peacefully that you plan to pass down.

Construction Claims

Property owners who face mechanics liens from contractors for the reason of not paying for labor can be protected legally with one of our real estate lawyers. Rest assured that we provide comprehensive defenses against liens for the property owner to be cleared.

On the other hand, we help prepare mechanic liens for contractors to ensure they get paid. We help contractors by setting up notices that notify the property owner the amount of work, how much is to be paid for labor, and proper 60 and 90 day notices. 

Need Consulting?

Palm Springs Business Lawyers’ branch of real estate lawyers help clients acheive success and peace of mind when it comes to headache inducing contracts, disputes, and settlements. 

Submit your info to connect with one of our Palm Springs real estate lawyers for a free consultation!