How Much Does a Business Lawyer Cost?

September 12, 2020

A business lawyer can cost anywhere from $150 to $350 per hour based on the location and experience. An independent junior lawyer will cost less than a senior lawyer. Senior lawyers from big law firms can charge up to $1,000 per hour!

A lawyer located in New York, San Francisco, or any big city is going to cost more than a lawyer in a small, rural town.

Business Lawyer at Desk

Flat fees: Some business lawyers charge a flat fee for tasks such as, reviewing business documents and forming a limited liability company (LLC).

However, if you are looking to form an LLC, a much more cost and time-efficient way to do it yourself is to visit

Other tasks that you do not need a business lawyer for is hiring contractors, creating buy and sell agreements, applying for licenses, creating a business plan. 


If you are in the Palm Springs, CA area, our hourly rate normally goes for $200 to all the way up to $500. It all depends upon the service that a client is asking for.


What Does a Business Lawyer Do?

A business lawyer can do a multitude of things. It all depends on what you currently need for your business. Business lawyers can:

  • Help Dispute Lawsuits from Employees about Discrimination, Hiring, and Firing Practices

Whether you’ve been accused of discriminatory practices during hiring, or have been accused of unlawful termination, business attorneys are there to protect you from any legal damage.

  • Merging & Acquisition Deals

A business lawyer eases the transition when your business is ready to merge with another business, or if someone wants to buy out your business.

  • Real Estate and Property Laws

When there are disputes regarding your business’s real estate, or if you want to lease property for your business; a business attorney can untangle all the complexity that comes with that. 

  • Create Contracts for When You Want to Sell Your Business, or Buy a New One

When it’s time to sell your business or purchase an existing one, a business lawyer will help make the transaction run smoothly so both parties walk away with a win-win situation. 

  • Help Co-Founders of Your Business Exit with a Successful Plan

If you’ve started a business with multiple founders, it can be quite the challenge to know all the legal boundaries when one of them wants to leave your business. A business lawyer draws up a contract that makes sure a co-founder leaves successfully.

Essentially, business lawyers are there to help your life much easier with your business dealings by making sure that you stay out of legal trouble, and that your assets are protected.

How to Find a Good Business Lawyer?

Good business lawyers can be found through word of mouth or viewing their reviews on directory websites such as, or through your local directory from searching on Google.

A good business lawyer is someone who wants to have a trustworthy relationship with their client. You also want a business lawyer that is a great fit for your business. Sometimes it’s not the best idea to hire a big firm with senior lawyers as this will accumulate in high legal costs.  

If your company is a small business, then the better idea is to hire a local lawyer. 


Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Business Lawyer

  • Hiring an Unlicensed/Suspended Lawyer 

An unlicensed/suspended lawyer doesn’t need much explaining to do on why it wouldn’t be a good idea to hire them.

The easiest way to check if your lawyer is an active one is to visit an online directory.

  • Poor Communication

It is ideal for the business lawyer you hire to be good at communicating with you. It’s normal for lawyers to not respond to you right away as they are busy people.

However, if this becomes a pattern where you haven’t heard from them in a couple of weeks, then it’s a good idea to move on.

  • Grammar Errors

If you notice your business lawyer’s proposals have grammatical errors, it shows that they aren’t the best fit due to a lack of attention to detail in their work.

If they look over their own grammar errors, then they will most likely look over important details in your legal contracts.  

  • False Promises

A business attorney’s promises should be put down in writing.

Save emails that you receive from them to hold them accountable.

You can also record the conversations you have with your business lawyer. But, of course, let them know that you’ll be recording.

  • Hiring the Wrong Type of Lawyer

If you are a small business owner, the best thing would be to hire a local lawyer. A common mistake is to hire a big law firm for a small problem.

Another mistake is hiring an inexperienced lawyer because it will be cheaper upfront. The problem is that this lawyer won’t do a great job due to their lack of experience, and you will have to end up hiring someone more experienced, therefore more expensive, to finish what they started. 

When Do You Need a Business Lawyer?

The time to get a business lawyer is when there are signals that need attention within your business. Some of these signals are:

  • Being Taken to Court

This is the obvious one. If your business is sued by an employee, hiring prospect, or a vendor. An experienced business lawyer is a key to resolving the issue. This is where a big law firm would come into play.

  • Being Funded by Venture Capital

Your business being funded by venture capital is a big deal, and a business lawyer will help you with the negotiating and contracting.

  • Creating a Business with Many Founders

A business lawyer can help with the confusion on how to start a business with many founders, and how to document it all properly.

  • Your Company Goes Public

If your company goes public, a business lawyer can help protect your assets from copyright and trademark infringement, and other harms to your intellectual property.

Why Call Palm Springs Business Lawyer? We’re the Experts

Getting into a legal battle, trying to sort out different types of legal contracts, or simply protecting your assets can be a frustrating and difficult time for you. Luckily, Palm Springs Business Lawyer has been doing this for a long time and will help solve all of your problems and protect you and your business.


If you are in the Palm Springs, CA area and need a business lawyer, we would be delighted to help you! Get a free estimate here or you can contact us at or by calling us at (760)-459-5482


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