Our Practice Areas


Commercial Law

We help your business transactions run smoothly. From drafting client agreements, neogiating employment contracts, or writing purchase agreements; we got you covered. 


Corporate and Securities Law

We advise corporations on what their legal duties are and help ensure the legality of any commercial transactions. We also tackle any legal issues with the SEC to protect your investment portfolio. 


Intellectual Property Law

We give console to our clients about intellecual property matters, and also act as advocates in court hearings to protect them.

Real Estate Law

We make your real estate transactions stress free. We prepare and review numerous types of agreements to help you either buy or sell your dream home. 

Tax Law

We handle both civil and criminal tax controversies to the best extent possible. Resulting in the best outcome for you. Along with helping reduce the burden of income and estate taxes. 

Truck Accidents

We fight hard to find the best truck accident lawyers for clients who’ve been injured in a truck accident that haven’t been compensated for their injuires.